One to one Mentoring

Want to be BEING in Business instead of frantically DOING??

Julia Mcdaid - Authentic edge“Mentoring is a brain to pick, an ear to listen, and a push in the right direction.” ~ John Crosby”

Are you a woman in business? Have you decided what to do, got the business up and running, then found you are not hitting targets? Or have your targets changed? Or is your home life suffering? Is there something not quite right, something hidden that is stopping you really flying?

Julia will work with you to help you fine tune your goals, get really focussed on what you would really love to create and ensure you are living a balanced life where everything that is important to you is catered for and aligned, and where you have a structure around you that supports you fully.

“I believe in being authentic, being who you are, and it is totally possible to create your business from this space, there is no need to “fit in” or do what is expected. It’s your life, do it your way. Business is traditionally seen as a masculine domain, why not allow your femininity to shine through?”

There is no set plan, each of us is an individual, with an individual business, and we are all in different places, support is tailored to you on a one to one basis.

You will be committed to your business and have the skills you need. If you have these and are looking for the next step, whether it is achieving real mastery, making more money, aligning what you are doing with your heart or getting more balance in your life (or all of these and more!) please get in touch.

The woman delivers and then some. I’ve hired Julia more than once to mentor and coach me and my business in good times and bad. She has consistently provided me with what I needed at the time it was needed.

My business is barely recognisable thanks to her input, counsel and collaborative decision making. Julia brings experience and infrastructure, financial rigour and intuition to a situation where all are required. She does exactly what she sets out to do and I could not recommend her enough.”
Shannon Eastman