Flexi Coaching

With busy entrepreneurs in mind ….

Coffee and chat, and support for your business Are you thinking about getting some support?
Need to make changes and finding it overwhelming?

Considering coaching but don’t like the restrictions?
Things like: Minimum 3 (or 6) months, fixed appointment every time, can’t have more when you need it, or less when you don’t? Have to pay all 3/6 months up front……

If so this is for you.

Brand new completely flexible coaching and support for busy women entrepreneurs.

  • No fixed minimum timeframe
  • No fixed day and time for your calls
  • No fixed gaps between calls
  • No lump sum up front
  • Support when you need it, not when the diary dictates
  • Billed monthly, not per call
  • Book a laser call if you just need a quick check in
  • Get extra support at key times
  • You are in control, you decide when you next need a call and even how many calls you have in a month. One a week or just one.

    Payment is monthly and there is no commitment beyond the current month.

    If you do want to sign up for longer of course you can and discounts are available if you do so.

    Sign up now while special introductory pricing still applies

    Just fill in your details below to get started with your first session

    Introductory pricing:

    £347 one month

    £800 3 months

    £1300 6 months

    *minimum is one month, pay monthly or in bulk for discount, first invoice after first session, maximum one call per week


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