It wasn’t all bad….

So we’re into a new year, and over the past couple of weeks there has been a lot of commentary about the year just finished. So can I make a suggestion? When you look back over 2016, take a moment to step back and remember all of it.

It is so easy to decide it was a good or a bad year based on how you feel now, or have felt for the last few weeks. It seems like the whole world decided 2016 was a bad year.

When in fact there were good things, I’ll guarantee you. If you look you will see and remember them.

Nothing is ever all bad, so forget the hype and the media. Forget the celebrities who died and the polling results. None of that stuff affects you personally, (unless its someone genuinely close to you)

Take a step back and realise its all perspective

I can remember when I was young having a time when I was quite down, possibly even a bit depressed. And it was down to so much going on, and me taking it all personally, yet in hindsight it wasn’t my stuff. It was about other peoples’ lives and events, that I had got caught up in and built up into “life” being sad and awful.

When I look back at 2016 myself, on the surface I don’t appear to have done much, I feel great, I am in a good space feeling positive about what is next.

Yet I had some ’bad’ times, I had phases when it felt like everything was against me, I was dealing with multiple high stress situations at the same time, with zero support. And have been there more than once this year.

But it passed, I dealt with it, I knew I would, it was just annoying having to manage all that stuff at once.

The difference between the me now and the younger me is the confidence and inner knowing, and the awareness and knowledge, I have grown a lot over the years! Now I can let things go, not take them personally, especially when its not my stuff, leave the world to get on with it, and judge how good my own world is, based on me, and how I really feel, and what really happened.

Maybe you could say I was lucky, I ended the year in a good place, feeling good, so my view was tinted with happiness, others were the opposite. Yet we all had lots happening through the year. and I will also add, my high spirits had plenty to do with my plans for the year ahead, so its focus too!

Where is your perspective and focus, looking back and looking forward?

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