Always late – is it rude?

Do you think being late shows a lack of respect? I know opinions vary on this.

Is that the time? I'm late!I think most of us will allow an occasional exception if there are traffic problems etc

What about the person who is always late though. According to Lisa Jimenez always being late is a symptom of fear (can’t remember if its success or failure, though the two are linked)

Lisa claims that people who are consistently late get a buzz from the adrenaline of rushing to make appointments. I used to live with someone who was always late for social events (not work) and I think this may well have applied.

What do you think? Fear, lack of respect, adrenaline rush?


  1. I hate being late for anything and would much rather arrive early and wait. I put that down to me being a bit of a control freak! But a very good friend of mine is always, and I mean always late. For work, dropping her kids to school, collecting them from the minders, appointments, etc. The problem is that for her she seems to take it as a bit of a joke when I’ve actually mentioned it, but I do actually find it quite rude. If we have ever agreed to car share then I always alllow an extra 30 minutes at least because I know she will never turn up on time or be ready when I turn up. It does bug me! My take on it is that somehow she feels her time is more important than mine. But I’ve never considered that she could be doing it to get a buzz!

    • Hi Carolyn, I agree with you I find it rude too.
      Your friend may not be consciously aware of why she is doing it if that is the case 🙂

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