About Julia

Julia McDaid - Intuitive Business Mentor  Authentic Edge was set up by Julia following guidance from her own intuition. 

Julia uses both her business and financial experience and intuition to help you see what is really going on inside your business, as well as what you would love to create. She can help reveal the things you are perhaps too close to and might miss. Julia is a great facilitator / catalyst for you to change and grow.

“The woman delivers and then some. I’ve hired Julia more than once to mentor and coach me and my business in good times and bad. She has consistently provided me with what I needed at the time it was needed.

My business is barely recognisable thanks to her input, counsel and collaborative decision making. Julia brings experience and infrastructure, financial rigour and intuition to a situation where all are required. She does exactly what she sets out to do and I could not recommend her enough.” Shannon Eastman

At the moment Julia mainly works 121 with clients, with some group courses. Further remote support options and training are underway.

Some more background:
Julia is a qualified Management Accountant, and has worked in a highly corporate environment with several household names, as well as with medium sized companies at Board level, and with small businesses.

But working for others, she always felt there was more to life, the money was never enough to make up for the boredom, stress and lack of fulfillment. Eventually she left and set up her own business, and has never looked back. She has been self employed since 1996, and most of that time supporting business owners in one way or another.

“Like everyone else, everything wasn’t right first time for me, I made mistakes, but I learnt from them , I also learnt the right way to do things and better ways to set up my business.

Now I live in the sun, work from home, invest in property, never have to work to other peoples deadlines or travel to suit other people, I do my things in the afternoon if that’s what I decide to do

My clients frequently become my friends and I love nothing better than seeing them succeed in their business.”

Julia was vice chairman of the CIMA Members In Practice group for a number of years and was voted Member In Practice of the Year in 2001.

Julia has also mentored business owners on a voluntary basis, both for clients of the local Enterprise Agency and for accountants just setting up on their own.


Julia’s most recent publication is 5 Keys to Creating Your Purpose Driven Business: The Goddess Guide to Becoming an Authentically Awesome Entrepreneur available on Amazon Kindle

101 Secrets of Successful Entrepreneurs More details here

Over the years having invested a lot of time and money learning from others, improving her knowledge and skills, Julia decided that she wanted to put that to good use and share it with others. She believed that while there is a wealth of information out there for people starting in business, and there are plenty of advisors clamouring to help you, what there wasn’t was a way of getting everything in one place, at a reasonable cost and with coaching support as well if you want it.

So Julia wrote the forerunner to this publication Start Up 101, which is an ebook guide for new businesses (and previously an email course).

Julia also co-wrote The Business Detective’s Casebook, and is a contributory author to the AVN book, Small Business, Big Difference; as well as various tips booklets including Secrets of the Successful Entrepreneur (which you get when you sign up to the newsletter!).

    Events and networking

Julia also enjoys organising conferences and seminars (in her spare time!), and has chaired three national conferences for CIMA, as well as UK workshops for US speakers.

Additionally Julia has founded and participated in successful networking groups in accountancy, women in business and property. Not to mention organising various social groups.

To read some of Julia’s articles why not check out the blog?

Julia also writes guest blogs and appears as a guest on telesummits. If you would like Julia to guest on your event or blog please get in touch using use the contact form on this website.