You Already Know It – Really!

You know the answers, really you doEverything you’ll ever need to know is within you; the secrets of the universe are imprinted on the cells of your body.
Dan Millman

You’ve heard people say that you already know everything you need to know I’m sure. Or that everything you need to know is inside of you.

And with all the opportunities to learn new stuff all around us do we really need to go on more courses when we feel stuck? It can be so overwhelming, and sometimes so easy to think that another course is the answer, you get all these promises about what you will learn or what shifts you will make.

But will it really make a difference?

In all truth, it depends.

It depends how much you have done already and what kind of action you take as a result

Have you ever done a training and sat there thinking, ” I know this stuff” ? I know I have, and sometimes it isn’t that we need to learn it again, it’s that we need to start using it and acting on it.

So sometimes a course acts as a prompt or a reminder and that is what kicks us into action, other times it is literally money down the drain.

Its more than possible that the first time you weren’t ready to hear it, or to act on it so you need to hear it again when the time is right

But then that begs the question – do you?

Often it is the same stuff, packaged up differently or with a different focus. So doing more and more stuff is really just revision of what you have already learned.

I made a decision a while back that I wasn’t going to pay for any more big trainings.

Having learnt to take notice of my intuition I know that it is a great guide, OK sometimes I don’t connect and listen but that doesn’t stop it being there when I do

I also know that I have learnt a lot of stuff, and on top of that I share a lot of it with others so I do know it.

So I believe I don’t need any core formal trainings, what I need is to call on my reserves of existing knowledge and pull out whatever is appropriate in the moment, and usually intuition can help me with that if it’s not immediately obvious.

Even if you weren’t ready when you first heard it, tap in, use your intuition, you do know what you need to know, just trust yourself.

And yes I get that’s there are circumstances when you need to learn something technical, some “how to”, and that’s great, its about recognising what is necessary and what is more of the same, and also learning to trust what you already know and to tap into it and use it.

Listen to your intuition. It will tell you everything you need to know.
Anthony J. D’Angelo

It really, really will.

If you have something you need to make a decision on or are struggling to find a way forward, perhaps intuition will help. To book a session with Julia to tune in together , or talk it over some more fill out the Contact form.

First published on the Authentic Edge Blog

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