Think Yourself Happy

Think yourself happy - Authentic EdgeSome posts I saw on Facebook got me wondering. How often are we thinking ourselves out of happiness?

You have no doubt heard the phrase focus creates reality. And we’ve all seen people who are constantly moaning, never happy with life, and what happens? they get more of the same, maybe because they don’t see the opportunities when in that mindset, I don’t know and it doesn’t really matter.

Equally we all know people who are successful who have a very high opinion of themselves, they are no better than anyone else, they just think they are, and it is this belief that brings their success, failure literally isn’t an option to them.

So just how much does our thinking affect our happiness?

I believe a lot.

It saddens me that there are people I know who are denying themselves joy because they don’t do the things they love. It was hearing various snippets of conversation that prompted this blog,

If you have a hobby you love, are you pursuing it, or are you telling yourself you can’t because of whatever circumstances you find yourself in?

Do you remember the paralympics a couple of years back? Perfect examples in front of us of people who can show us that there is no such word as cant. We see runners with artificial limbs, why? Because they want to run.

So why are you not doing the things you enjoy? If you like to dance, dance, if you want to play saxophone, play saxophone, if you like photography , get out and take photos, whatever it is do it.

You know that when you are in the middle of it you hit a zone where you lose yourself. There is true happiness here. The brains stops thinking.

And you know what else, that is when you are in your heart, and here’s a bonus tip, if you have decisions that need to be made or you don’t know what to do next with something, make the decision when you’re in this space. All the outside influences are gone and you make the decision that is true to you and your heart.


  1. It’s so true! Attitude is incredibly important. And there are lots of studies showing that being grateful is really important as well — that’s why lots of people have done the gratitude challenge on Facebook. I’ve always liked reading those posts.

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