The World is Shifting to Feminine

There is a lot of talk around these days about the world changing, and a part of that is the thought that there is a rise in feminine energy.

Feminine world

The thinking is that for a number of centuries this world we live in has been dominated by the masculine energy, which is the cause of the wars and conflict. Masculine energy having competitiveness and a need for power, being very driven, and an underlying aggression. Yet over recent years there has been a rise in feminine energy, a move towards wanting a peaceful world, towards collaboration and connection, a more compassionate and inclusive place to live.

We are probably all aware that we have both masculine and feminine energies within us, and I personally see an increase in women connecting with their inner feminine and who they really are. There is a quiet revolution going on and the world Is slowly changing. We see more women appointed as leaders around the world, there are more women in sports, politics, business. And men too are connecting to their feminine side, we see more creativity, more openness, it is acceptable to express emotion, cry even, they happily look after children.

Obviously we all need a balance of both energies to thrive, both as individuals and in our businesses. There is though a growth in the feminine side even in business, more connecting, cooperation, unity, imagination and intuition, right brain if you like. We are coming back to balance.

I’d love to hear your views

(just for the avoidance of doubt we’re not talking feminism, nor am I saying either energy is better or worse than the other)

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