Working “On” Your Business

Michael gerber, EMyth - tips learnt by Julia McdaidThe distinction between working ‘in’ and working ‘on’ your business is one that most business owners will recognise. And the related advice that, as leaders, we should spend more time working on our business is also widely accepted. But how exactly can we turn those good intentions into action?

Some time ago I was fortunate enough to see Michael Gerber speak live, and this is one of the things he spoke about.

The key learning points from Michael’s seminar were these:

* Entrepreneurs should concentrate on seizing opportunities, and let their managers worry about how to solve problems.

* The entrepreneur’s product is not what the business happens to sell, it is the business itself.

*The role of an entrepreneur isn’t to merely change his or her business – it is to transform it. Change is still connected to the past. Transformation leaps out of the past into the unknown.

* To help them with this transformation process, entrepreneurs should follow the example of Walt Disney by creating a ‘dreaming room’. A room where there are no rules. A room where they spend at least 10 minutes a day thinking about the future, not the past.

* Ultimately there is no difference between a small business and a big business: a big business is just a small business that has done all the right things.

I am a great believer in learning to work on your business, and its one of the things I help my clients with. If you would like to chat about this please get in touch