The Benefits of Using Feminine Qualities and Values in Your Business

In 2013, it is estimated that that 12.4 million businesses are owned by women and that 45.7% of those are highly successful. This is far beyond the average, so how are they doing it? We had a look at some of our favourite female business owners and had a look at how they grew their businesses and some of the qualities and values they possessed.

Successful women stay feminineAll of these women were highly passionate about their businesses. A traditionally feminine trait, passion is a fantastic tool for business as it gives you the fire to succeed.

They were humble, yet willing to learn. Women running businesses is a relatively new phenomenon, a lot of them start with humble backgrounds and are eager to learn and improve themselves.

They get to know their fellow workers. They network and gain acceptance from their peers when moving up the career ladder compared to a lot of their masculine counterparts. This allows them to get on and get on better with their employees when they are running their business.

They ask and collaborate. Their feminine qualities mean that they are quicker to ask for help and collaborate more easily, whether they are the leader or otherwise. This means that they can often learn quicker and complete complicated tasks easier.

They let others lead occasionally. Those with more feminine qualities delegate easier and allow the power to be passed down through the organisation to allow others to be in charge when required. The key to this is being able to listen to their leadership team and react to the situation accordingly.

They are more self aware. A more feminine business leader is more attuned as to how their colleagues view them. They tend to be less aggressive, more approachable and more likely to help.

They are more open to improving a workplace social culture. This allows their employees and their talents to be supported and grow more efficiently. This has a knock on effect on the positivity of the company in general.

They focus on others as well as themselves. Feminine business owners don’t just focus on themselves and their business. They focus on team building and developing a positive, faithful workforce.

Together, the qualities and values demonstrated above show how most women, and some enterprising men, use the power of femininity to improve their business and help it grow. What values will this article inspire you to tap into? Can you harness your inner feminine and improve your business too?

If you don’t feel it……

“If you don’t feel it, flee from it. Go where you are celebrated, not merely tolerated.” ― Paul F. Davis

Authentic Edge, Celebrating FriendsDo you like this quote? What do you think of it?

When I tweeted this recently it received the most response of any tweets in a long time, maybe ever. Why do you think that might be?

Clearly it resonates with a lot of people.

Personally I like it, and it resonates for me. To me it speaks about being true to who you are, staying authentic.

“If you don’t feel it, flee from it” so if what you are doing doesn’t feel right, it isn’t, don’t hang around. We can apply this to so many areas of our lives. It could be business, a new customer or employee, a new project, or it could be at home, with family or in a relationship. Maybe when you met a new person.

Its really about following your heart, If you don’t feel it, if there is no connection for you. To me you’d make this choice from your heart space and not from your ego.

If you choose to be in your heart and it doesn’t feel right , it most likely isn’t. Some call it gut reaction, some call it intuition, it doesn’t matter, it’s your body telling you what your conscious mind may not yet know. I recommend listening!

And what about the second part? “Go where you are celebrated, nor merely tolerated”

I so agree with this. Why on earth would we choose to hang around with people who don’t appreciate us? All this is saying is choose to be with those who choose to be with you. Be with like minded people who appreciate you.

Isn’t life so much easier and more fun when you do that?