Coaching Cold Feet

CoachingAre you thinking of taking the big step of getting a coach or mentor?

Yes it’s scary, yes it seems expensive – I’ve been there, a few times!

The point is, you are choosing to invest in you and your business. What is more important than that?

It’s very likely you will get cold feet the next day, very likely. In fact I can almost guarantee it!

This is your ego kicking in, your ego likes to maintain the status quo, it doesn’t want you to grow and change and do things differently. Your ego likes safety and security, the comfort zone of same old , same old.

And that is the whole point, you are making changes because you are not listening to your ego, to the niggling doubts and fears, you have made the choice to listen to what your heart and soul is drawing you towards, your gut instinct is strong, if it felt right at the time it is. This is when it time to honour who you are and stick to your guns.

Believe me, I have committed around $9k for a coaching programme, I know the questions will come up, yet I also knew it felt right and I needed to make some changes. The reason I wanted to talk to someone and thought about taking on a coach at that time was because I knew I wanted to do more, and I also knew the benefits of having that accountability.

Because in all honesty very few of us are motivated enough when left to our own devices, are we? If I’m honest with myself I know I work better and more effectively with a coach, which is why I use them.

So the bottom line to me is, Just Do It. Trust your initial feeling. I know it works, and I know I will have doubts at first. Mainly I know I and my business do better as a result. Its an essential tool in the box.