Beyond the Resolutions

Beyond the New Year Resolutions Authentic EdgeHere we are, one week into a New Year and, if you are anything like me, for the last few weeks your inbox has been full of mails about setting new year resolutions, intentions and goals, letting go of 2014 and creating success in 2015.

Although we can make changes at any time we choose, this time of year is when we tend to give it more energy. The changeover of the calendar year is when we sit back and look at what has happened and the changes we need or want to make as a result.

It’s interesting to note that where I come from the majority of companies have their financial year end in March in line with the tax year. So financial targets for the business, or budgets, if they do them, will be set then. It may be worth thinking about whether you want to align the two!

Have you set goals?

Do you set resolutions or intentions, or new goals at New Year? Have you done it for 2015 yet?

And did you take some time to look back over 2014 to see what happened, review what you created and learned, notice what worked and what didn’t?

Lets face it, its always a good time to let go of what didn’t work and to build on what did, so knowing what that was is great for moving your business forward.Click to Tweet Now

Life gets in the way

I know it’s not always as easy as it sounds. As a woman you often have distractions, you are at an age where life is impacting you in a big way. Maybe you lost parent or you are caring for a parent, your kids are growing up and becoming independent, or maybe you lost a partner, or a relationship broke down.

These are all things we have to deal with in life and all of them can distract us from business, however dedicated we are.

And rightly so you may say, we have to prioritise and (sometimes) its right to put family first. If something major happens clearly that is the case.

Create a business that supports you

With this in mind though isn’t it perhaps a good idea to include things in your new goals and planning that will help you cope in the event of unexpected and unplanned circumstances.

Even if you are not dealing with any major life or family events now, prepare yourself for it if it happens. Build in systems and back up to support so things can continue without you if you can’t be around for a while.

This is good business practice anyway, and ultimately adds value to your business, though perhaps often we do not really think about how it can help us as an individual not just the business.

Moving forward

If you have already set your intentions or goals, consider whether you have included anything that adds support to you as an individual, as well as just making your business better, and if not what could you add?

And as always if I can help in any way please do get in touch, I always have the odd slot available for a quick chat.

Set up Systems To Make Life Easier

Set up systems to make your business better - Authentic EdgeIn this blog we will have a brief look at the administrative side to your business – the back office, and probably the bit that most business owners hate the most and leave until last!

The disadvantage of doing that though, is that things accumulate, they become messy, and you never know where you are. By being well organised, and getting things cleared regularly you keep your whole business running smoothly.

There are all sorts of records that you need to keep for your business, and paperwork that you need to do. Make sure you know what has to be done and that it gets dealt with promptly and regularly.

To keep your business running smoothly the best thing to do is set up systems. That is a collection of instructions (systems) about how to do things, how to do everything you know about running your business, so that everyone in the business knows, and things are done consistently and perfectly all the time.

If you don’t think this is a good idea then take note, according to research, the key to making a business more valuable is making it LESS dependent on you the business owner… and MORE dependent on systems – so that when you eventually come to sell your business it works just as well for the buyer without you, as it ever did with you. This is also borne out by brokers who sell businesses.

Remember the word SYSTEM actually stands for Save Your Self Time, Earn yourself Money.

It is best to do your systems at the beginning if you can, it is easier and you will have more time. Also that way, your systems can grow with the business, rather than you trying to start a new way of working when you are up and running, and too busy doing the job to think about how it should be done!

(Taken From 101 Secrets of Successful Entrepreneurs – by Julia McDaid)