Power Down Procrastination

Procrastination and New Year resolutionsMy guess is that this week not so many of you are suffering with procrastination (if suffering is the right word!), we are still in the hype and novelty of New Year and resolutions and intentions.

So how long until the procrastination kicks in? When does the excitement wear off and you start getting distracted? I suspect not that long……

Are you a procrastinator? Or are you always productive and get everything done quickly and easily?

If I am honest I have sides of both, I can procrastinate for England if I am in that space! so believe me I know what I’m talking about here. Yet I can also be very organised and very productive when I’m in the zone. My challenge these days is often getting into the zone, getting going, once I’m there there’s no stopping me.

I think when I was younger, especially in the early days of my business, I had so much to do I really didn’t have time to be distracted or to not do it. I was definitely that busy person to go to if you wanted something done.
Over the years I think I have relaxed more and also changed focus in terms of what I actually do in my business, as well as what I deem to be important.

For more years than not since I have been self employed I have worked at home, so I have always had the potential for distraction.

And I think its all about how you manage it. I would always go to the gym during off peak hours because it was quieter, then at the same time I wasn’t working a straight 9-5 so I would still get everything done, just at a time to suit me.

Over the years I have definitely become more conscious of having a balanced life and sometimes it is taking this too far that leads me into procrastination. I lose focus on what I want to create and get caught up in minutiae. Or I take a break in the sun, which is fine, but then don’t limit it so I lose track of time and then don’t feel like picking up again.

And balance is definitely a big part of it, not only balancing work with the other parts of life, also balancing the things you want to do with the things you “have” to do, as its usually these we procrastinate over in reality.

And I know its all about focus because I prove it with my own actions, I know for me when I am focused and make a decision to do something I do it, whether it is moving country or doing my accounts at the end of the month!

So are you focused enough or can you drift into procrastination? In the next blog I will follow up with some tips to beat it…..

Focus Forward

Focus Forward by Julia McdaidSo here we are, the beginning of the New Year, resolution time. Did you make resolutions, or set intentions?

I set intentions for the year. I read recently a great way of distinguishing between the two, unfortunately I can’t remember who wrote it, but the gist is that a resolution is created to fix a problem and an intention is a focus on what you want to create. Which I think is a great distinction.

At the end of the day if you’re focusing on what you don’t want you still tend to get more of it. It makes much more sense to me to focus on what you do want, for example an intention might be to feel fit and healthy rather than a resolution to lose 20lb. Sometimes its just worth asking what the resolution is aiming to achieve, and then maybe you will be closer to what it is you actually want.

If you haven’t already done it I’d recommend giving yourself a little time to sit quietly and consider what you would like to create this year. How would you like your life to be? What difference would you like to make in the world? How do you want to feel? Who do you want to spend time with? What do you want your business to look like?
Take some time to meditate or journal on these or other similar questions and see what comes up, what you would really love. Then you can create intentions based on these findings.

If you know what you want to be celebrating this time next year it gives you plenty of focus to move you through the year.

And you know what’s really great, doing it this way you get what you would really love, not what you think you ought to do, or what other people think you should want.

Which do you do, if either, and how does it work for you?

New Year, New Moon …… New You?

New Moon, New Year, New You - by Julia McdaidWelcome to 2014 and a very Happy New Year to you. And what a year it can potentially be!

You may be aware that yesterday was not only New Years Day it was also a New Moon, and energetically a very powerful start to the year. If you have read any of the multitude of articles on this you probably already know that 2014 holds a lot of promise for those prepared to show up.

When I sat down on 30 December to make some notes about how I wanted my coming year to be, prior to actually creating intentions for 2014, I was very much looking at creating “more”. With my move last year I had plenty going on so I did coast a bit in my business and wasn’t working full out all year. Which was right for me last year with everything else that was happening, moving country isn’t the smallest of things after all….

Now my thoughts move to more of me in 2014, showing up through more writing and sharing my work, more learning for me, and wanting to meet and coach more amazing women entrepreneurs. Just for starters, my list is longer!

So a couple of days later, on New Year’s Day, I read a number of articles about the New Moon and the year in store. And I was very pleased to read that not only were my own thoughts very much in alignment with stepping up more, the whole feeling of the year is about showing up as your true self, being authentic, coming from a place of awareness and being responsible for yourself. Its about activating what has been lying dormant and aligning with quality and integrity. And letting go of what is not serving you.

Now is the time to plant your seeds for the year ahead. The perfect time for new beginnings, and not just because its the start of the year.

If you are serious about what you want to create and go about it authentically you stand to have a very good year. So I for one am planning to continue following my heart, and choosing to allow more of me out into the world and to live my life as authentically as I can.

How about you? Are you ready to step up and be who you truly are, bring your talents out into the world? I hope so, and I’m looking forward to hearing all about it.

Ready for a Clear Out?

There’s a Japanese custom called oosooji – “the big clean”. Traditionally it happens at New Year, when all the employees come in ready to scrub and polish, clear through filing cabinets and bookshelves and ditch all the old documents and bits of junk that accumulate through the year.

Office before tidying upIf you’re wondering what this has to do with you, take a look at your desk
and around your office.

How long is it since you had a clear out?

Can you find what you need in less than a minute (if you can, you’re in the minority), or do you have to rummage through a stack of files and unopened mail, or hundreds of emails in your Sent box to put your hands on it?

Apparently office workers in the UK waste several days each year just looking for things….. time to make sure you’re not one of them!