Make Your Own Decisions

Follow your own heart, make your own decisionsHow often do you find yourself in a situation where you have decided to do something, and then later in the day or maybe the next day, you find yourself worrying about it and wondering if you made the right decision? I know it happens to me.

And then what happens? You start questioning whether it was right, and the more you think and worry the worse the situation seems. The doubts kick in and that ego “stuff” starts to surface, whether you are conscious of it or not.
So why does this happen?

Well it may be triggered by something external to you. Sometimes its a conversation with a friend or partner, or something random like a post you read on social media. And once the seed is sown you go off down a spiral of questions and doubts and fears. You start to worry about the implications of your decision and what might happen if it doesn’t work out. You may worry about money or not having time or losing something you value.

You know what? It’s just “stuff”. All this is your ego kicking in because it’s scared. Your ego likes consistency and staying In your comfort zone, not change and new things. And certainly not growth, not shifts that might its role smaller. And if you let it win you end up compromising, or even changing your mind altogether.

Yet if you step back for a minute to look at the decision you made, does it look different?
When you decided were you sure? Did you trust your judgement?

I bet you did. As often as not when you make a decision you know it feels right.

So why when it feels right at the time and you know inside that its true for you to follow that path, do you allow the ego to have a say?

I know it’s the way life is and we were brought up like that. Yet I would suggest shifting to a place where you do believe in yourself and you trust your own judgment. And choose this over anything your ego wants to throw at you.

Often when we are investing in ourselves we can have these doubts, whether the investment is time or money. I know, I have invested several $’000 before in a coaching program. And at the time I didn’t have the full amount spare nor any plan for how to meet the instalments. What I did know was that it was true for me to take that action at that time. I already knew I wanted a business coach, as the coach I had been working with didn’t have business focus.

So I checked in with my intuition to see if it was true, and got that it was. And of course by making the leap I ended up learning new ways to increase the business I was doing. And when I look back the coach I worked with had appeared on my radar at just the time I decided I needed a new focus. And for me that realisation of changing focus had also come about intuitively so I knew it was true.

So I would urge you when you have decisions to make, large or small to learn to listen to the inner signs. If an opportunity pops up at just the right time, or something sounds perfect, then you know what, maybe it is. And yes by all means talk to others and bounce ideas around, take advice and guidance. But at the end of the day always remember its your life, nobody else is on your journey, only you know what is true for you.

So please, listen to your heart/gut and ultimately make all of your own decisions based on what is true for you, regardless of knowing all the hows and whys .