Simplify Your Office, Simplify Your Life

simplify your office, simplify your life and businessWhen I moved last year, one of the key things that I wanted to do was make sure I had an absolute minimum amount of paperwork around me. And because I was moving I wanted everything to be simple and streamlined.

But you don’t have to be moving to make life easier for you in your office.

There are lots of ways you can simplify things.

Clear the clutter

In practical terms, clearing the clutter is a great start. Not only do you not have things lying around everywhere, you improve the energy flow around your environment which can only help creativity and productivity.
So it’s worth sorting out all your stuff, throw away things you don’t need and only keep what is necessary. Clear your desk, your cupboards and your drawers.

Go digital

And get your paperwork scanned. We live in a digital age and now you can keep everything on a miniscule disc. Or if you’re like me in the Cloud where you can access it from anywhere.

One caveat here, you do have to organise it at the beginning to make life simple. So ensure files are scanned together and in order, and then stored in similarly labelled folders online. Then you can always find things.

And going forward just periodically scan and file any new paperwork that comes in, and shred the originals. It defeats the object of you keep paper and digital copies.

Cloud storage

I highly recommend getting a full Cloud storage solution which also runs backups. That way you don’t have to remember to back up – a major improvement, and your backup is not in the same building, also good security. You can access your documents from anywhere with any computer, or most smart phones. And in the event your computer crashes you have everything there, ready to reinstall at the press of a button. This has happened to me and it really is a lifesaver.

Create a routine

On a personal level it’s also great to have a routine, that way you don’t waste time deciding what to do or jumping from one thing to the next, for example some people have admin days on Friday, or maybe you write first thing and check emails at lunchtime. Keep it standard and only do things in the right slot, then you don’t get distracted. It helps you focus too.

What else can you do to make things simple?

Get someone else to do it

Well you can also outsource some of your work, have someone else deal with all the admin or accounts for example, or perhaps your social media.

Minimise Mail

You can also get your mail handled by someone else. Either a secretarial service which will open it and either forward or deal with it directly, or use mailing house and just get mail sent once a week, so you are not dealing with bits and pieces daily.

Fewer Phones

Do you have more than one phone? perhaps it time to go down to one, or have a dual SIM phone so you can still keep two numbers. Or you can use virtual numbers such as Skype In numbers. You can have a geographical number in nearly any country and people call that but it comes through on your Skype, or you can forward it wherever you want.
Or alternatively you could use a call answering service to take all your initial calls, that way you only deal with the important ones.

You can think of more ….

These are just a few ideas to help you start to streamline and simplify your office and your working. I’m sure you can think of plenty more, please do add any thoughts in the comments.

Just think about this question, and see how you can make changes.

What takes up a lot of your time and energy and how can you turn that around?

If you are looking for some support in moving forward or finding more time to get everything done, why not book a call with Julia to chat about it?

First published on the Authentic Edge Blog