Its All In The Choices You Make

You know the answers, really you doI wanted to write about choices today. Mainly because I have been reflecting on this following a couple of recent conversations.

I’m sure you have heard & read about life being a result of the choices you make? And whilst that may sometimes seem harsh, or difficult to fathom, in realty if you look at smaller things you can see how your choices impact you

For example, today I am feeling tired. Yet it is entirely self-inflicted. I had a late night and got up early! I didn’t get enough sleep, end of story. End result is tired, need more sleep. I could have gone to bed earlier or got up later, I had a choice.

Take it back one step, well actually easier said than done. Where I am its hot in summer and I have a dog, so I need to be up and out and walked by about 9am. OK I don’t have to, but it’s more comfortable for both of us if it happens.

Plus last night I was hosting an event, I could have left much earlier and gone home. Fact is, I was the host, it’s my group, I don’t like to leave until it’s down to the last few people, and I was having a lot of fun! Was I worried about getting up in the morning? At the time, of course not.

Where am I going with this?

Well, here’s the thing. I could have slept in, I didn’t because of the dog, I chose to have dog, I chose to live here , I chose to walk when it’s comfortable, I chose to get up even though I felt tired..

I chose to run a social group, I chose to have the event, and I chose to stay til the end. I didn’t have to do any of those things.
Do you see? Lots of choices but my feeling tired today is nothing to do with anyone else, the Universe, the weather or whatever.

These things are cumulative and build up over time, lifestyle is affected by the choices you make. Whilst you may not see the path or the many choices you made over time, in the end you did choose the things that led you to where you are, whatever that may be.

And you can now choose how you deal with it, how you feel about it, and what you do about it

If you do nothing you’re still choosing, even though you may choosing to let others decide by not actively deciding something yourself.
I guess there are two things to take away from this.

One, to be aware of your choices as far as you can, even though you may not be able to see the future cumulative effect

And two, to take responsibility, by acknowledging that yes you did make choices that led you here, even if you didn’t realise at the time

What do you think?

How is Your Ego?

Does your EGO rule?Do you have an ego? Or perhaps should I ask, do you have a big ego?

Because it’s fair to say we all have an ego to some extent or another.

Yet do you allow your ego to get in the way of decisions that you make?

We are where we are in our lives as a result of the decisions we have made up to date. Have you always made decisions in your own best interests? Or have you made them to satisfy your ego?

Are you concerned about what other people think? Has this changed how you might respond to things?
Perhaps it is not something you have considered before. Why not take a few minutes and give it some thought, you might be surprised at the answers you come up with.

And how about when you are making investment or business decisions?

All too often people allow their ego to get in the way of making a considered decision. So you invest in something for the image, or because it makes you feel smart. Do you do things so that you can be “seen” to be doing what you perceive to be is “expected” of you, or of someone in your position?


Why would you do that?

I have observed this so many times, people doing what is expected or what looks to be the best thing to do, and all of the time there is no integrity in the way they are behaving, they are not being true to themselves. And how does it then affect your investing or your business and ultimately your future?

On the flip side be wary of doing something because you are listening to somebody else’s ego. Just because somebody shouts loudly about something doesn’t make it good. Always do your own research and due diligence. Learn to trust your own judgement and inner guidance, and you will get the results you want.

Some food for thought perhaps …………… enjoy the process, and do let me know what you find.

Make Your Own Decisions

Follow your own heart, make your own decisionsHow often do you find yourself in a situation where you have decided to do something, and then later in the day or maybe the next day, you find yourself worrying about it and wondering if you made the right decision? I know it happens to me.

And then what happens? You start questioning whether it was right, and the more you think and worry the worse the situation seems. The doubts kick in and that ego “stuff” starts to surface, whether you are conscious of it or not.
So why does this happen?

Well it may be triggered by something external to you. Sometimes its a conversation with a friend or partner, or something random like a post you read on social media. And once the seed is sown you go off down a spiral of questions and doubts and fears. You start to worry about the implications of your decision and what might happen if it doesn’t work out. You may worry about money or not having time or losing something you value.

You know what? It’s just “stuff”. All this is your ego kicking in because it’s scared. Your ego likes consistency and staying In your comfort zone, not change and new things. And certainly not growth, not shifts that might its role smaller. And if you let it win you end up compromising, or even changing your mind altogether.

Yet if you step back for a minute to look at the decision you made, does it look different?
When you decided were you sure? Did you trust your judgement?

I bet you did. As often as not when you make a decision you know it feels right.

So why when it feels right at the time and you know inside that its true for you to follow that path, do you allow the ego to have a say?

I know it’s the way life is and we were brought up like that. Yet I would suggest shifting to a place where you do believe in yourself and you trust your own judgment. And choose this over anything your ego wants to throw at you.

Often when we are investing in ourselves we can have these doubts, whether the investment is time or money. I know, I have invested several $’000 before in a coaching program. And at the time I didn’t have the full amount spare nor any plan for how to meet the instalments. What I did know was that it was true for me to take that action at that time. I already knew I wanted a business coach, as the coach I had been working with didn’t have business focus.

So I checked in with my intuition to see if it was true, and got that it was. And of course by making the leap I ended up learning new ways to increase the business I was doing. And when I look back the coach I worked with had appeared on my radar at just the time I decided I needed a new focus. And for me that realisation of changing focus had also come about intuitively so I knew it was true.

So I would urge you when you have decisions to make, large or small to learn to listen to the inner signs. If an opportunity pops up at just the right time, or something sounds perfect, then you know what, maybe it is. And yes by all means talk to others and bounce ideas around, take advice and guidance. But at the end of the day always remember its your life, nobody else is on your journey, only you know what is true for you.

So please, listen to your heart/gut and ultimately make all of your own decisions based on what is true for you, regardless of knowing all the hows and whys .

What Does It Take For You to Engage In Your Life?

Authentic Edge - Let YOU shine throughFour weeks ago today I arrived in my new home. Most of you probably don’t know that I have moved to a different country. Something I know is perceived by many as a huge step to take, scary, difficult, crazy, impossible and many other similar words will be used to describe such an action.

Yet to me it wasn’t. Once I had made the decision it was just obvious. And to be honest everything flowed pretty easily. There was a lot to do in a short space of time. Being the impulsive person that I am, once I decide something I do go for it. It took me 8 weeks almost to the day from committing to the decision to arriving here.

And believe me, I’m an organised person so I did the research, I had my travel and hotels booked, my dogs paperwork arranged, a place to live, and assorted information about living in Malta, which is where I am now. I even had arrangements to meet up with people over here, before I had arrived.

Which is why I have been quiet on my blog and social media the last couple of months, because I was fully focused on the move and everything surrounding it.

So why was it easy and a no brainer for me? I believe because I made a decision and committed to the outcome. Things have a way of aligning in this world once you do that.

What did it take for me to do this? To have that level of engagement.
It took me realising that actually it was what I really wanted. Although I was very happy in myself there was an underlying “someday, maybe” going on in the background. It all started with a throwaway comment, which I then questioned later in the day and started thinking “why wait?”

So then I started making some enquiries and the seed was fully planted. I love the sun and I wanted to be somewhere sunnier, that was it. Except I realised it was more fundamental than I had previously allowed. So the more I looked into the whole idea the more it grew. It was just true for me. It’s a part of who I am, as those who know me well will know.

So all I was doing was making a commitment to honour and support what I love. To go with what is true for me deep down inside.

And the outcome is, not only have I moved to a place I love, I have let go of plenty of clutter which I left behind or gave away, and streamlined the way I do business. I have a fantastic view to gaze at whenever I like, I live in a beautiful penthouse apartment, my dogs are happy and I am meeting lots of new people.

Here is what one of them wrote to me in an email “ I do so admire your courage…. it takes guts to start a new life in another country, and it’s good to see someone comfortable with their life choices and willing to embrace the difference” Amazing, I’m inspiring people too, and it just feels normal to me – but that’s a whole new blog.

So I would like to finish by asking you if there is anything in your life that you are not fully engaging with. In your business or personally. What are you not committed to? Is this because it isn’t “you”? If so I invite you to question it.

If it is true for you, what is stopping you from committing? How might your life change if you did?

And what is “you”? Who are you when you are really being YOU? I’d love to hear about it, and if you’re not too clear I’d love to have a conversation and see if I can help you uncover it.

Julia can support you in transforming your engagement with your business and yourself. If this might be of interest why not book yourself in for a call to chat about it? Just drop an email to SS @