Summer Reflection

Summer reflection, by Julia Mcdaid - read the blogI am very lucky living where I do. Every morning I start the day with a walk to the sea or a walk in the countryside (with sea views). It is a great opportunity to connect to nature and to be quiet and reflective.

And I think as we are now properly into the summer season we have the opportunity to take advantage of some quiet time for our business.

Traditionally many employers would close down completely for two weeks in the summer and everyone went away. Now that doesn’t happen very much but during the school holiday period many find that business is slow because it’s the busiest holiday time of the year.

So whilst you may find your clients are away and your networking has gone quiet, this can be a perfect time to assess where you are up to and plan the next phase.

Why not embrace the quiet spell and use it to your advantage?

For example I am working with some clients to use the next few weeks to really get clear on their true business vision, they have time now to be focussed and to really get into the space of creating from the heart. And then they are setting things up in their business to move towards this vision and also to have the business work the way they want it to.

It s a good way to do things and you can do it too. Nature can be a great helper in this. If you get out into nature and connect to everything round you I guarantee it will feel a lot more peaceful and easier to connect to what your heart is really calling for you to do.

Why not take some time out to walk and reflect and allow the ideas and your true heart’s vision to flow. Plus it will help all the stresses to fall away. You can connect back to your childlike curiosity and play with thoughts and ideas.
If you choose to the summer break can be a time to prepare for the autumn, to effectively prepare the soil and sow the seeds for the next phase of your business.

Just think how much more relaxed you will feel in the autumn if you know exactly where you are going and what you are doing to get yourself there. If you are just following the plan you have created.

Maybe you have some decisions you need to make, if so you will make better and clearer decisions, which are more true for you, if you make them from your heart space. Trust me , I have done both!
Getting out in nature is just one way you can relax and get more connected to what your heart is calling you to do next.

So why not try it whilst the weather is being accommodating? 😉

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