VIP Vision Day

Stressed, overwhelmed entrepreneurHow are you feeling about where you are in your business? Are you on track for achieving what you set out to do?

Starting out and still feeling a little unclear on the big picture?

In business but struggling to define that purpose clearly?

Did you set up your business doing what you know and now feel like something is missing?

People keep telling you to do it differently and it makes you feel unsure?

Are you clear on your business goals and vision?

Or are you feeling stuck?

If any of these apply then this Virtual VIP Day is for you

This is your chance to kick start your business. Are you really going to let  another year go by before you get where you want to be? Get geared up now, so you go forward with a plan in mind.

Spend a day completely dedicated to your business. Together we will look at the vision you would love to create then you will set your goals for the rest of the year. We will round up by setting action steps that you can take to move things forward.

You should know that this is not your average “goal setting” session, this is a whole new way to look at your business. Its all about YOU, not what other people expect.

What could you create in a day if you really focus?
In my experience, with the right guidance and support, quite a lot!

How about a new client within 3 days? That’s just one genuine example of a result from a VIP day

You will come away from this session feeling new enthusiasm and confidence and with a bigger vision and more clarity. You will see your business in a whole new way.

What happens on the day?
In brief it is a day spent 121 (virtually) with me where we focus entirely on your goals and your vision for your business. And not just what you think it should be, what you really truly want. Because it is so much easier to plan everything else and even set up the structures of your business when you know exactly what you want to achieve.

We will work through a number of exercises, some together, some you will do on your own. Some are practical, some more intuitive. We will aim at the end of the day to come up with a few statements that summarize exactly what you really want to achieve in and with your business. Your heart centered vision.

From there you have something to build on and something to work towards and probably also some idea of who you would like to be in the process and who you would love to serve.

Whether you really want to work out what your big vision is, or you generally know and just want some clarity this day can help you brush away the doubts, get really focused and be ready to leap forward.

So if you want to be a part of this you will need to act fast.

I only have a few spaces available at the moment, which are filling up fast. You need to be free for the whole day.
There is no need to travel though, this is a virtual session.

You will also get other handouts to help you move forward. Exactly what will be tailored to your needs.


I’d really love to get started helping you right away, so please do book your place soon. And if you’re not sure I recommend one of the first steps that you take is to schedule your Free “Authentic Business Strategy” Session. Just send an email to ss[at] to schedule your session, and please add in the notes that you are considering a VIP Day.

This is the first step to the rest of your business life!



PS We work globally! 🙂

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