Seasonal Obligations….. Are You True to Your Heart at Christmas?

As we approach the holiday season I think we are at a time when many feel under obligation for various reasons.

Authentic Edge at Christmas - thoughtsTo start with there is the expectation of spending the time with family. Many do this not because they want to but because they feel the obligations, it’s what’s expected, what they “should” do. So inevitably you don’t enjoy yourself because you constantly feel you are fitting in and you’re wishing you could be doing what you want to do.

So why don’t you? At the end of the day we all make choices in our lives which impact what happens. If you want to go skiing at Christmas or have a quiet day at home, or just spend it with your partner, why not do that? Stop and think about what you’d really love to do. You have a couple of days off work, it’s your time, how would you love to spend it?

(and yes I know there are people who have elderly or sick family and want to be with them, I appreciate that)

Obligation to Give

And then there are presents. Firstly feeling obliged to buy for certain people, or to spend a certain amount of money. We are all under this kind of pressure, though really when you stop and look at it we are putting this on ourselves with our own beliefs and thoughts about whether we will be judged.
So again stop and look at it, would you love to buy that person a gift? If so great, if not don’t, or buy a small token.

Obligation to Keep

And what about the gifts you are given? Here’s a biggie!
Do you feel obliged to keep them , even if you don’t like them? Do you feel you have to put them on display when the donor comes to visit? Well guess what, when someone gives you a gift it becomes yours, as such is your to do with as you choose, and if you choose to donate it to the charity shop that is entirely your choice. Do it without guilt. I was surprised earlier this year when my own mother even shared that she believes this, I was impressed though I hadn’t expected it of her.

YOU decide

So give it some thought, you are free to make your own choices, it’s your life, it’s your money, you decide how you spend your time and money.

And if you know a woman in business, why not gift them a free Authentic Business Strategy Session? Or treat yourself! You deserve something for you after all 🙂


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