Is Your Service Sensational??

Customer service is an area that is key to any business, and more and more it is becoming one of the main ways to differentiate your business from the one down the road. Think about when you go out for a meal, if you have a fantastic meal but the service is appalling, you are unlikely to go back, yet if the food is average but the service is brilliant, you are more likely to go again.

Delighted customers mean more and better businessI’m sure over the last month you must have experienced differing levels of service when out and about, I know I have. In one well known store last week a member of staff actually pushed in front of me to buy something for herself before allowing her colleague to serve me, can you believe that?!

If you read about customer service you will see that there are three main levels of service, Sensational, Sickening and Satisfactory. And which of those do you think never gets talked about?
Satisfactory. So if you provide satisfactory service, no-one will remember you. If on the other hand you provide Sensational or Sickening service then your customers will tell other people.

So which do you want to be known for? We have all heard the statistics about how many people unhappy customers tell about their experience, so make sure you don’t become one of those businesses. Aim for Sensational service – not only will you be talked about for the right reasons, you can almost certainly charge more too!

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