Inspiration from the Paralympics

Yes it was months ago, but isn’t it worth remembering?

Back in the summer I found myself watching the Paralympics one weekend. I’m no avid TV watcher and no avid sports fan, but I did turn it on this particular time when I sat down to eat, and ended up leaving the TV on in the background for the rest of the evening.

Inspiration from the ParalympicsAnd what an eye opener it was. These guys are nothing short of inspirational, they don’t stop and say I can’t I have no legs, they just say “give me my prosthetic legs” and off they go! They compete like any other athletes.

Not just the competitiors

I was also amazed to watch the show afterwards, a chat show hosted brilliantly by “disabled” presenters. I mean who needs to have your arms and legs just so to sit behind a desk and commentate? Any TV presenter is sitting behind a desk presenting for those kind of shows, it doesn’t matter how many legs they have*.

These guys have personality, make great comments and it was highly entertaining viewing.


Something else which I found amazing was that they were commenting on a tweet made by a guy who had said that the word “disabled” is now outdated.

And watching these athletes they are as able as anybody and I find that amazingly true. Clearly there was a lot of controversy over a comment like that and it was interesting to see and hear the views. It wasn’t the disabled people who got offended, they saw it as it was meant , in acknowledgement of the athletes, a positive way to say don’t separate these people.

Seeing beyond

Alan Carr was a guest on the show too, and had apparently been attending the Games for the previous days, he made another interesting comment saying the first couple of days he looked at the disabilities then after that he just saw beyond that to the athletes.

Isn’t that how it should be? Isn’t it great to just recognise talent and determination and other inspiring human beings?


I actually found it all very moving, including writing this piece. At the end of the day these are people who are very determined, very successful, very committed, people who put the rest of us to shame the way they get up and go. They don’t say I can’t, they just get up and do whatever it is they have chosen to do.

How many of us can say that we really honestly act like that? The whole thing was truly inspirational, truly amazing and I would never have watched it if it wasn’t in London. Generally I don’t have the interest, I don’t watch TV I’m not a big sports fan. I’m truly glad that I didn’t let that stop me on this occasion.

What do you think? Were you inspired?

(*Disclaimer: These are my own thoughts and no comments are intended to offend or upset anyone, please read in the spirit it was written, as an appreciation of these amazing, inspirational people)


  1. Lindsey says:

    I cannot thank you enough for this blog article, really resonates for me. Looking forward to reading more

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