Ideas That Nearly Get Away

Are you one of those people who always has ideas buzzing round in their head? Do you drive around and have thoughts popping up while you frantically try to remember them?
Write down all those ideas, then you never lose them
And what do you do with them if you do remember? When do you find the spare time to try out the next new idea?

Well why not try keeping an ideas book? It doesn’t need to be big, either a pocket notebook, an A5 pad or a file, hardback or paperback, whatever suits you.

The idea is that whenever you have a brainwave you write the idea down in your book, and you just hold onto them until you are ready to actually make them happen. Once you have written it down that will stop it from popping into your head every five minutes as you try to remember, and you know that everything is safely in your book.

Then you review it periodically and decide whether to pursue any of the ideas, whether some don’t sound so good anymore – in which case they can be taken out, and so on. You might even find that you get new ideas by reviewing the old ones!

Why not give it a try?

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