How I got here…

I thought I’d fill you in on a little background about where I have been and how I came to be here.

Choosing the right path

I have had a number of “careers”, different paths in my business life, I started out as an accountant, worked in a corporate environment, didn’t like that, set up in business on my own, that was better but over time found I was getting caught up in the drudge bits not the fun bits. So I decided to sell the accounting side of the business, I kept the consulting clients at the time. So I did coaching/mentoring for business owners and developed a business which supported startups. Alongside this I started a property business, so I got into buying and selling, refurbishing, and landlording. After a couple of years the coaching fell away and the property took over. At the time it was the obvious way forward.

Back in the accounting days I also got into event management, I started out on the committee of the local Women In Accountancy group and went from there, I organised 3 national conferences for CIMA Members In Practice, as well as events for the south west region, brought Robert Middleton to the UK for his first ever UK seminar, ran various seminars and events through the accounting business for clients and small business owners. I carried this on in the property arena by setting up a property networking event which grew rapidly and was very successful for the two years I was involved.

Over the years I have also done a lot of personal development, so added all sorts of personal growth and wealth creation knowledge to the pot.

Moving on, after some time out due to various personal things happening in my life, it was time for change. I knew I wanted to bring my skills and knowledge together in some way, I just didn’t have the exact format. So various masterminds and boardrooms came and went and I still didn’t nail it. Over this time I also started learning to use my intuition and to properly follow my heart, and fully expected an instant light bulb moment, which didn’t happen either. Lots of clues but not the big idea.

Until last year when it became clear, as a result of coaching sessions and looking at what my heart would love to share with the world I suddenly had it, something that not only sounded good and meets several hot current niches, something that inspired me. That was the bit I had been waiting for, something that would give me a buzz and lift my energy. It took it’s time!

So here I am pursuing “Heart Centred Support (and wealth creation) for Women Entrepreneurs”

I started with no business cards or website. It doesn’t matter, the people who want support are there, I have conversations with people in passing and they say “I want to be your client” How great is that, I had clients lining up before the business was set up? I think that’s a good sign.

So if you are or know any ladies who are looking to fine tune their business goals, find clarity & focus or balance in their lives, you know where I am

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