Getting to Your Goals – One Idea to Help

At this time of year there is a lot of talk of resolutions and goal setting. And we all know that the way to achieve your goals is to keep on taking small steps, so here is a way to recognise what you have done.

Writng your success journalStart you own success journal! Write down everything positive that happened to you today. Make it a habit: at the end of each day devote 10-20 minutes writing down what you have accomplished, and what steps have you taken towards your goals.

Don’t write what you didn’t do or what you still have to do, because only what you DID achieve matters.

Keep it positive!

For example, if your goal is to lose weight write down that you exercised for 20 minutes this morning. Or used stairs instead of elevator. Write down every small thing!

A Success Journal will help you to maintain positive attitude. It will help you to keep focused on your goals.

Start your Success Journal now! Yes, right now! It’s fun! And it will boost your motivation and bring you a few steps closer to success every day.


  1. A success journal – what a brilliant way to keep a record of your achievements! Thank you.

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