Do You Follow Your Heart?

I was listening to an audio in my car the other day, and the speaker was talking about following your heart. I think this is so true when in business. I have made huge changes to my current business and previous business in the past because what I was doing just didn’t “feel” right any more. It wasn’t what I wanted to do, so I bit the bullet and moved on.

follow your heart in businessWe so often hear people saying if you don’t enjoy it, don’t do it. And that is really important when setting up your business. How can you ever hope to be successful if you hate what you do? Where will the motivation come from?

So when you are planning your business and the way it will develop, think about what you like doing and how it fits into the rest of your life. You can get around tasks that you don’t like by getting other people to do them, but what about the bigger picture? Make sure you are happy with where you are going, your business will benefit!

And if you need any help in defining that big picture clearly, get in touch and book yourself a Vision Day


  1. This was an incredibly good reminder. Thank you for providing this info.

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