Focus – Is Yours Laser Sharp?

I have been reading a few things recently that have been highlighting the need too focus on what you are trying to do, or what you want.

Focus on what is most importantIt’s all too easy to get distracted from what you are trying to do by the day to day interruptions, and non-essential little “jobs” that keep popping up. I know – it happens to me often enough!

Yet if you can bring yourself to make the decision to ignore everything else it is amazing how much faster things happen with the main plan. This can be especially true if you have more than one business interest, sometimes you just have to make the decision to focus on one at a time. And just making the decision can take a huge weight off your shoulders, because you have just removed a great deal of worry and stress, probably without even realising !

Why not think about what is the most important thing for you to get done this week, and focus on that to the exclusion of all else?

Try it. And let me know if it worked.


  1. This is a topic which is near to my heart… Thank you!

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