My Journey From FD to Authentic ME

This blog is just following on from my earlier one about authenticity really. I am a big people watcher and I love observing how people behave and how they respond to things.

my journey

What’s it got to do with me? Well I guess its back to observing reactions to what I am doing with my life. I have followed what some would consider an unusual path. After a networking event last year, I had a brief conversation with Thomas Power, we were discussing think, feel, know. The idea being that the brain thinks, the heart feels, and the gut knows.

And on reflection I have realised that my career evolution has touched on all three. Although maybe not quite in that way. Through an indirect route I became a management accountant, firstly employed and working in corporate (yuk!). Then I left to set up on my own – doing what I knew, I did it all, I wrote the book, had the website, did breakfast seminars, ran national conferences for my Institute, I was known in my communities.

Until eventually it dawned on me that I wasn’t having fun, I liked some of it, but the rest I really didn’t, and I decided to sell. Once I made that decision it was like a weight I didn’t even know existed was lifted from my shoulders. My then partner advised me to wait a year, build the practice up then I could sell it for more. He didn’t get that it wasn’t about the money!

So then I moved into property, which became the think element. I knew I wanted to create wealth, and property was the option that most appealed, and so I did what I thought would get me there. Initially that was my motivation, I was still running a business consultancy alongside, although once I got going I had a lot of fun.

The time came though when I had done what I set out to do, my 7-8 year attention span was at its limit, family circumstances crystallised things, so I was ready for something else. (Although this remains a part of my financial structure)

That’s where Intuition comes in. It took a while, I learnt a lot more about connecting to my own Intuition more easily, following my heart and what I love, and knowing better what that meant, as well as learning a lot about what patterns I play out and how my beliefs and thoughts can trip me up. (It’s also fantastic for people, watching because you get so much more understanding!)

So using this and working with two different coaches the jigsaw eventually all started slotting into place, and brought me to where I am now. This business is what my heart wants to do. It’s the feel element. Its what is real for me , now. And I don’t need anyone else to approve or like it, its not about approval or need or what I learned way back when. Women who resonate with what I am doing will be in the feel space too, so they are drawn to me and my business.

Its a different place to be in and to run a business from, and I like it because its about being authentic and real, which are important to me, probably more so now than ever in my past. I get to use my skills and experience still, and I have a fascinating area to research and write about too.

And I am connecting with some wonderful women 🙂


  1. Excellent post. I was checking constantly this weblog and I’m inspired! Extremely helpful information specially the ultimate section 🙂 Thanks and good luck.

  2. Kassie McCann says:

    I have never imagined it like it like that before. You make it sound so compelling.

  3. Terrific article! That is the kind of info that are meant to be shared. Thank you =)

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