Help! I Don’t Even Know What My Purpose Is….

I don't know what my purpose is!This is a place I understand all too well, as I was there! That was me. So what do I recommend for you if you are a woman who doesn’t yet know what her purpose and passion is?

To be honest I will rephrase that and say if you don’t yet know consciously. Because I believe we all know deep down, it’s just that sometimes it’s so deep it can take us a while to find it or recognise it!

And that is my first point, know that it doesn’t automatically happen overnight. Some people have a flash of inspiration and just know, for others, for many of us, it can take a lot longer and needs some focussed attention.

So I would suggest taking some time to get connected to your heart, learn how to listen and interpret what is true for you. It will be easier for some than others, though that is no reason to despair. There are lots of things you can do and exercises you can learn to support you in this.

So spend time connecting to your heart, find out what works for you, listen to what comes through, and you will at some point find out what it is you really want to do. Initially you may just have the essence of it not the detail, it will come.

To help you in the process you may find it helpful to invest in a coach, its often easier and clearer to have two of you focused on the outcome, I found this true for me. Sometimes we don’t trust or believe our own intuition and when it is reinforced by someone else we are more willing to accept the truth of it. You also usually get a deeper and wider understanding. Or if you have an intuitive friend you can work with them.

I find that journaling can be good too, it allows you to expand on what comes to you and to stay connected to your imagination and your intuition for longer, so you can get deeper insights.

And all the time do your best to trust the process, believe in your own guidance and receive the messages and signs that come to you, stay open to possibility. When something is really true you will just know, however that shows up for you, you will feel it. So whatever your head might say, whatever thoughts you have about what you feel, know that it’s your heart that is right.

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