Church Is The Best Place To Pray

Do you need to be somewhere special to pray? - Julia Mcdaid“If you want to pray, the best place to do it is in church”
This is what someone close to me said recently.

And of course, me being me, I disagreed. – Nothing to do with religion for the record.

I don’t agree with the statement though, why do you have to be in church to pray? what difference does it make?

I mean what is praying anyway? In the main as I understand it praying is asking for something you want, asking for help for you or someone else, or asking for guidance. Is it not? And sometimes a way to be thankful or express fears and emotions. In most religions it is traditionally about connecting to/speaking to their “God”/”Spirit” etc.

So why do you need to be somewhere special to do that? Surely wherever you are it is about the connection , the intent and the actual asking.

I really do think too much emphasis is put on institutionalising things like this. Going to church on a Sunday does not make you a good person, not on its own. Being a “good” person is about how you live your life and how you are with other people, living things and the environment. It’s not about showing up in a certain place for an hour a week.

I have known, as I’m sure you have, churchgoers who do nothing for anyone else , do not live in what might be deemed a “Christian” way, yet because they go to church on Sunday they think they are better than anyone else. Whilst I have also known many people, who never set foot in a church, or mosque, or temple or any official building, yet who are the most generous, compassionate, helpful people around.

I firmly believe that the way you are, and the way you live your life, says a whole lot more about you that where you go to practice your beliefs officially be that religious, political, spiritual or whatever.

And that said, back to praying. Different people will use different words, some say pray, others might say ask for divine guidance, others might say asking forgiveness or sending healing.

It is a word used originally within religion but now more widely. And the bottom line is if you are asking for help or guidance what you really want is something outside of you to help you, or show you the way, or maybe help someone else.

And why ask someone/something external? Why not take responsibility and ask yourself?

So isn’t that really just checking in with your intuition? If you want to know what to do, ask yourself, check in with your heart – because you know best, and deep down you will have an answer. Whether you believe that is coming from your heart or soul, or from someone/thing “out there” it doesn’t really matter.

And it certainly doesn’t matter where you are, you can be on the train, in the car, by the sea or in the countryside. You can still ask questions and still get answers.

And if you want to help someone else you can send healing or ask for guidance on what to do.

Yes you can! Really.

So there you have it. I believe you can pray anywhere and I think praying and checking your intuition are so closely linked it’s all about perception. You may use different words to me, but underneath it all we are referring to the same thing. We can all go our own way, pray in church, or the temple or ask for intuitive guidance by the sea, or driving in the car. We are all asking for help or guidance, and will all get an answer.
If we listen.

Disclaimer: The view expressed in this article are my own. It is not intended to have any religious opinion, comments made are merely for illustration.


  1. I agree that we can pray anywhere because prayer happens in our heart. But quiet places are more conducive (for me anyway). Lovely post. Thank you!

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