Choosing Happiness – An Experiment

I have read a couple of blogs recently referring to happiness. I find it fascinating to read different views. Whilst I might not have said so when I was younger (and less wise), I do think that happiness is a choice.

Inner glow from choosing happinessIt’s something we hear quite a bit these days, and yes I know some readers will rubbish this view, that you can improve your abundance/attraction etc by raising your vibration, which you do by being happy & grateful.

Have you ever tried it though? I mean don’t knock it if you haven’t. Seriously.

I did an experiment back in the summer, one evening I was meeting friends for a meal, so on the train I focussed on “raising my vibration” and being in my heart. And what happened?

Firstly I caught sight of myself in the window of the tube, grinning without realising, secondly I was conscious of people looking at me in the restaurant (in a good way), and thirdly one of my girlfriends asked me whether I had been away or had a facial. All I had done was activate my inner glow.

I do believe you can drop into this space very easily once you have done it and know what works for you. OK I know we can’t all stay there all the time, it takes conscious effort especially to start with.

Why not choose to try it out?


  1. Sometimes we forget how easy it can be to choose happiness. I love what you said about activating your inner glow. There is nothing more magnetically attractive than that.

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